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April 21, 2006

Be vegetarian for earth day and save the planet

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Hey everyone, if you’re really serious about saving the planet–as well as saving yourself, go vegetarian, or preferably, vegan. this is a quick post & i’m sure there will be others on this issue to come. the advantages to the planet & to health have been documented, so I will not reiterate what a little research on your part could do:, for example.

Just try not eating meat for 1 day. See how much better you feel. Keep going and look at what you’re eating, think about what it was. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 2 years now & I never thought I ate “much” meat–we were & are kind of too poor to afford meat in my family–but, looking back, we did eat a lot of meat & cannned tuna & god knows how much hormones, antibiotics, & mercury.

Don’t get on me all about protein. I get a lot of protein from soy, leafies, and other legumes. The body does not need so much “protein” anyway, and the American diet is suffering from too much protein and not enough fiber, which has been documented. I’m repairing the damage done by years of meat eating and hopefully will come out even and, at some point, lower my risk for cancer & premature aging. Vegetarianism is not only a “beauty secret,” it is an ethically beautiful thing to do, and makes me appreciate animals more as themselves–conscious creatures, rather than beings for our service. I have become more enthusiastic about vegetarianism with each passing day that I participate in this humble movement, and can only talk about my great experience with it rather than “convert” anyone. But if I can be helpful with my story, that’s great.

Undoubtedly, a plant-based diet is best for the planet and you and is what nature intended, the most healthy diet on earth for both longevity and enhanced quality of life. We are animals and not designed to eat other animals’ flesh!

Being vegetarian minimizes the ecological footprint we humans are leaving on the earth–and, as evidenced by dying species and shrinking icecaps, we’d all better do something about this ecological footprint but quick. I was concerned as a kid about where all the trash goes, but I was not educated until college where I made some close friends with vegetarians–I can’t believe I didn’t make the connection between vegetarianism and environmentalism before. In high school, I thought vegetarians were a little weird, but that was because of my strong cultural bias bringing me up with meat-eating, which dominates everywhere. Undergoing wo years of vegetarianism has meant a vast improvement in health and spirit, and I will never touch meat again. Living today, with many fake meats available, there’s no need to (I don’t really eat these often, but if you need to, it’s still better than meat). Vegetarians are very fortunate today to benefit from so many cultinary innovations and so many media technologies making recipies and tips widely available. Nor is it necessary to adopt the label “vegetarian” to adopt the lifestyle, if you don’t want to, though I have found it can make you many friends!

We are in the 6th wave of extinction, I just heard last night, this one the only one caused by humans. Let’s fill our plates sustainably and enjoy a new definition of “abundance.” Americans should be grateful for what they have without trying to steal resources from others of modify them with chemicals in an attempt to “improve upon nature.” Evolution is beyond human control, though we can’t admit that. Science should help us understand, but not modify, the environment. We are very fortunate to have so many resources at our disposal, so let’s use those tools and energy to save the earth, not destroy it. We could have 100% employment that way.


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