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April 23, 2006

forewarned is forearmed

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I think one of my initial hesitations about starting a blog (a diary you compel others to read), besides the time issues involved (I want to at least fake coherence, which, as a writer, takes a painstaking devotion), was the fact that we’re not a free country in the United States.

Not at all. Don’t think for a second that the Internet is an instrument of democracy. It’s another instrument of capital, a very product of the military-industrial complex (ARPAnet, anyone), and not released en masse until it was found it could increase the speed of commercial transactions, thus increasing profit. (For example, airlines were the first to go ahead with networked computing for reservations and such, just as deregulation took off.)

After all, remember, these were the folks who said, “There will never be a global market for more than five personal computers.” Well, not only has it come to pass that the increased commericalism that the computer provides has enhanced capitalism’s stranglehold on the world (factoid that this so-called “digital,” “paperless,” age uses more paper than ever before), but the computer itself has become another planned-obsolescence fetish item, and we are all guilty co-conspirators,

Basically, don’t think that because you post something anonymously on the internet, you won’t get hounded by the feds. In actuality, you can and will get prosecuted for “obsecenity,” with charges magnified because things posted on the internet will be considered “interstate transmissions.”

They can and will tap your phones.

They can and will enter your home, can and will arrest you, and monitor you before your trial takes place. They will abuse your rights in the search for evidence. Once you are on their list, they will be ever vigilant in proving whatever they want to prove, constucting whatever reality they want to make. If you are maybe an eccentric person with kinky opinions, you’d still better keep them to yourself in this repressive time, because it means you might be promoting some kind of subversion. You may be simply a loudmouthed jerk with no connection to international terrorism, but you will be connected to it. While I am not a fan of loudmouthedness, it is every person’s right. To protect our precious standard of living known as “capitalism,” we’ve given the state the right to terrorize private citizens who go against the grain, or who are just born too poor to participate in the first place.

Internet service providers generally have cooperated with revealing what IP addresses such messages come from, and whether you use a private or public terminal is irrelevant.

This is not science fiction, but reality. Be careful in what you read and what you write, unless it is on consumerism’s side. If you write or think in service of capitalism, then you are even allowed to start wars and kill people. Anonymity is impossible in this age of public pleasure and public control. Your very desires are manipulated.


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