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August 10, 2007

some more things that are deeply wrong with the rental system of housing as it currently stands

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–landlords seriously have to stop this “credit check” crap. most, i think, just pocket the fee, and, also, most americans by now have shitty credit to begin with due to our culture of instant gratification, expensive rents, inflation, and shitty salaries. they can’t keep denying people apartments due to bad credit forever or they’d have vacant units, maybe even half-empty buildings. all because they think “credit” is important and is somehow related to using credit responsibly–that may’ve been true in the old early days of credit when people had to actually apply for a card and prove income and actually might not be extended credit–but now, everyone is extended credit. thus, credit becomes meaningless. it is easier to get a credit card than to get a landline telephone installed.

what they should look at is savings and income. and stop bitching if they lose a month or two on a unit. these people are the scum of the earth–you can’t own the land, you can’t enslave another person. and that’s exactly what they do. housing is a human right. people who defend that right get shot. that’s our culture–anything inconsistent with capitalism–and unfettered, ruthless capitalism–has got to go. wither democracy.

security deposits–everyone’s had a time when they haven’t gotten them back. renting is the only circumstance in which you are forced to pay for damage you haven’t done yet. the assumption behind a security deposit is that “you are going to damage the apartment,” –our precious, wonderful, pure, virginal, spotless apartment!–so pay us now.

there is an alternative, landlords–it’s called billing people for the damage they make–if anyafter the damage has been done.

it’s called doing a move-out inspection, too. it means getting up from your counting-table to do a move-out inspection.

ah, but then you couldn’t profit off the interest of holding $500 or more in a bank for a year, could you? some states require that interest to be paid back upon move-out; not all do. (why’s that? because we believe “states’ rights” is more important than consistent rights, than true “equality under the law.”)

true “equality under the law” would dictate that people across state lines have the same rights and same political protections.

the fact that you can move across the country and be less protected in the realms of renting and doing business in your new home state than your previous home is nothing less than a disgrace.

and yet, this is another inconsistency of american life that is repeatedly let slide.

people who pay mortgages don’t have to pay security deposits–yet another example of how everything in this country is tailored–oh, did i say tailored? i meant hugely biased–toward the middle- and upper middle class–the “homeowner” class. but as we see below, as george no longer gives a shit about “protecting homeowners,” when the housing ownership bubble bursts, and no more money can be made off homeowners, then they can all foreclose themselves to hell.

when the upper middle class has to move into apartments, then maybe things will change for renters in this country–the victimized young, poor, minority, disabled, and elderly who can’t afford to own their own home being the majority of renters right now.

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