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October 30, 2007


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Now has come the time for the upper middle class and the wealthy to justify their destructive lifestyles, before the planet will come to an end. While the rest of us are putting up with crappy water pressure and thinking that’s the sacrifice we need to make to save the planet (it’s not, consuming less water would be the solution), the wealthy continue to spend and exploit others.

100% employment is not necessary when people are truly free.

Beware the RFID chips, because perhaps in the future if you are not consuming enough or not consuming correctly, your chip will be turned off, and you will be unable to board a plane to escape to a less insane civilization.


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Yes, you, my roommate, whom you want to have a roommate so you can save some money, but in actuality you just want them to not exist, to not take up any space, because heaven forbid you should get rid of some of your stuff that is SATURATED EVERYWHERE in this place whenever I step out of my room…you even have stuff in what is supposed to be my closet…


I have been and continue to actively MINIMIZE…i have one suitcase of clothes, one of books, and some cheap household goods (a few dishes, not a blasted set) and that is it, and that is all any single adult needs.

You don’t need all this shit for “entertaining.” That’s why restaurants exist, and they will always do a better job than you, and you will always have a better time for not having to clean up afterwards. So do us all a favor, America, and this weekend, go through your stuff and donate 50% to 75% of it.

You don’t need anyone to tell you how to do it. You just have to REALIZE that someday you will in fact DIE, that you really can’t take it with you, and that you should, when you become an ADULT, have better things to do and more interests than building up and accumulating a fortress of stuff around you because you’re secretly insecure that mommy didn’t love you. No, mommy doesn’t love you. Does that mean you have to surround yourself with clutter to feel loved and important?

Americans are the only people in the world who will put crap food in their bodies and be fussy about the cosmetics and other ‘products’ they put on their face and skin. Because their medicine cabinets have to have 80 billion different bottles, each to counteract the petrochemical effects of the other. So why is there so much cancer today? I won’t get cancer because I don’t use any of that airbrushed media propaganda capitalist bullshit perfumed toxic waste.

October 26, 2007

if anyone doubts that 9/11 was an inside job

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Something I would like to have answered:

Why were people in the two towers told to stay in their offices, to not evacuate?

This is the most tragic part of the tragic day of all. There simply would not have been as many deaths, and therefore the day of 9/11/2001 would not have been as easily manipulated as it since has been.

Buildings of solid steel construction just don’t collapse because an airplane hits them. They don’t just collapse because of fire. They don’t just collapse because of airplanes and fires.

But, psychologically, a terrorist attack causing two massive buildings to go down is much more memorable–and manipulable–than the image of planes causing them to burn.

Perhaps in a conventional fire situation it would have been wiser not to cause pandemonium by allowing everyone to evacuate.

But the workers in both towers were fully drilled on how to evacuate, and had gone through a few “practices” before that horrible date. Of all days to evacuate, why were they not allowed to evacuate?

No one at the time thought the towers were going to collapse, let alone so quickly after impact–and, as it conveniently turns out, the towers went down so fast most firefighters couldn’t investigate what the real extent of the damage was. Thus, the firefighters thought they were just fighting a fire, for which it might be good to prevent innocent people from getting in the way and getting burned. If they had known there was even a potential collapse situation, they

We must not ever be paralyzed by our grief.

This is recent history, not ancient history, and it will affect us for a long time to come unless we are finally honest and wanting to start a real investigation.

What was going on in each tower with blackouts and computer outages and shady construction in the elevator shafts in the weeks before Sept. 11, as reported by office workers there? Possibly the planting of explosives?

October 23, 2007

Outrages large and small

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1. “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.”
How about a “Reality Awareness Week,” when people realize the connection of money to politics, and the ways in which the last few of their freedoms are about to be taken away?

A (liberal) flyer warning about “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” (with the world can’t wait website on it) advocates “a radical student movement that refuses to choose between Islamic Fundamentalism and the Bush Regime’s Christian Fascist war on the world…”

If history serves, I’d take “Islamo-Fundamentalism” over Christian-American Fascism any day of the week.

Have you ever noticed that all religions declare themselves “religions of peace” and label anyone who uses that religion to make war “an extremist?” *All religions, including & especially “Christianity.”

Fascism is an outgrowth of greed and politics…but with the brainwashing and propaganda tactics of religion, that’s where it gains its greater force. People who truly think they are “religious” should put their money where their mouth is and fight for freedom and the right to live in a SECULAR society where people can choose their faiths (or non-faiths) PERSONALLY and INDIVIDUALLY.

2. Why are children not being taught environmental education?
There is no security crisis–there is a global survival and resources crisis.
Arms and money will mean nothing when the water gets so scarce it finally effects the first world in a major way.
Why are children being taught to consume rather than conserve?
Why are they still being taught to ignore the rest of the world except to think of the rest of the world as a factory where their necessities and luxuries are made?
Why are climate change and global warming still being seen as “theories”?

*Rebuild America’s infrastructure now.
*Redevelop American Manufacturing now.
* Preserve and strengthen Unionized Labor in America.
* Enforce Workplace Safety Standards Now.

October 16, 2007

Highly recommended: from freedom to fascism

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Must see.
We are in a great age in the sense that, with the internet, trespasses against our freedom will not go unrecorded for long. Real freedom resists propaganda, and speaks to intelligence. Living with integrity can be difficult, but the alternatives are invariably worse.

**We must abolish the Federal Reserve.
**We must resist the National ID card.
**We must resist all applications of RFID in purchasables and IN HUMANS.
**We must continue to use CASH and avoid the implementation of a cashless economy.
**We must prevent the formation of a NORTH AMERICAN UNION.

There is a new world order coming. It runs on the old doctines of greed and control. It has nothing to do with security and prosperity for anyone but the few.

Watch Russo’s film, “America: From Freedom to Fascism.”
Watch “Money as Debt.”
Watch “The Money Masters.”

Do an internet search on all. Can watch/download from google video.

The Federal Reserve is about as governmental as Federal Express.
The Federal Reserve is a private corporation with no obligations to anyone but its elite owners.
The US Government could be out of debt and print its own money without interest, as authorized by the US Constitution.
Instead, our society runs on debt, so people are held hostage to credit card companies and to banking companies. Bankers finance wars, because they think there’s no better way to grow their money than perpetual, unending warfare.
Time is running out. Our money has no value. America is de-industrialized. In a global economic crisis, we will not be able to provide for ourselves.

October 7, 2007


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I’ve gotten quite into podcasts lately. However, some of them are just a waste of hard disk space. Here’s a rundown of some picks and pans of mine:

Great podcasts–(just search for the titles in the itunes store)
“Hey, We’re Back!” –Remember Jonathan Katz? Well, he has a lovely, witty but understated podcast. Another plus is that it’s been recently started, so it shouldn’t be too hard to catch up.

Jazz NW–from great local station KPLU here. Not too much talking, only a weekly podcast and one of the better podcasts in jazz that I’ve found.

Real time with Bill Maher podcast from HBO–Recently subscribed to this. Podcasts of his shows plus extra outtakes and footage from interviews. Quite generous, considering that I don’t have TV. I thought I knew Bill Maher before, but now I know for certain he is a genius, (at least a comedic genius if not a political one), blending politics with a smart, level-headed kind of cynicism, and a lovely anti-religion attitude that I agree with (but not as fully as he does; I am not a libertarian).

New Yorker fiction podcast: A story from the NYer, then perhaps about 10 minutes of talking about it afterwards. So far, so good, emphasis is on the story and not on the self-promotion of the magazine or how good the magazine’s literary tastes are (wisely, they’re letting that speak for itself).

Classical after 1800 Podcast from Magnatune: Again, so far, so good. Short intro followed by a nice dose of music. Outro could be a bit shorter; I don’t need a company manifesto, folks. A mention of the website is enough. And…they don’t interrupt the music to say who did what. Which is actually nice. It’s in the information panel you can see in itunes.

Frontline/WORLD (PBS): A video podcast. Videos are an average of 12 minutes long (by my guesstimate more than a calculated average). Great short documentaries about current topics around the world, i.e., mostly developing countries and the ways in which the developed nations should be helping them, but would rather be spending money on fighting endless wars on vague rogues.

Jung Podcast: A psychologist walks you through some of Jung’s major concepts. Discussions of archetypes, dreams, and more.

WOR Joey Reynolds Show–Yeah, I guess this shows my soul’s age. But he’s a gem, and can make any guest interesting, even if he’s talking to a tax attorney (which is not often, and then they’ll be talking about conspiracy theories). A way I can waste time that will leave me feeling better, even when talking about political topics that can inspire anger, Joey can do it with a gritty NY wit that puts a smile on my face.

WOR Health Talk with Dr. Ronald Hoffman–I have great respect for Dr. Hoffman and although I stopped listening to him for a time, I am glad that he has a podcast so that I do not have to be in NY to get the latest in nutritional advice and perspective. He advocates the “salad and salmon” diet (aka, mediterranean diet) and is a font of information about supplements, as well as just easy on the ears to listen to. Takes listener’s questions, like Dr. Ash below, but I’ve noticed that the people with health problems who call Dr. Hoffman tend to be younger or have more interesting problems than the people who call Dr. Ash (who tend to be older, on several medications they’re tired of taking, and have joint problems).

Health Update from the NY Times:
–firstly, Jane Brody’s writing style is both interesting and accessible, but her voice is annoying. She has a voice for newspapers, you could say. If she must have a podcast, someone should read her article snippets for her. It’s like having your really nasal mom tell you to put on sunscreen at the beach–on your computer. Unless you have a fetish for this, it’s not that enjoyable. Also, the first ~10 seconds of the podcast are some kind of commercial not only for the Times, but for the Times’ sponsor of these podcasts. You know, because the Times isn’t rich enough, and obviously needs to advertise before every article and every podcast.
–The information isn’t that interesting, just the same conventional bullshit about “health” from the corporato-pharma establishment. The same stuff you probably already know but which most Americans are too lazy to follow–you know, most Americans are shocked that eating vegetables could prevent cancer. They’d rather take a pill that causes liver damage.

Mixed Reviews:
IndieFeed Electronica Podcast. Good electronica, especially for people who like electronica but who have no desire or time to get to know everyone in electronica, but the intros and introeffects are pretty annoying, and sometimes there is too much talk about the album/song after the song.

WOR In the Doctor’s Office with Dr. Richard Ash–Only caveat on this otherwise excellent podcast from NYC’s WOR is that Dr. Ash is mighty repetitive (which, in a way, is good, because after about 5 of his podcasts, you’ll know his entire body-health program) and he is always promoting a certain brand of vitamins, which, though they may be more “bio-available” than other conventional vitamins, and even though he might take them himself, still makes it seem like he has stock in the company. In summary, Dr. Ash advocates integrative medicine, which means he believes in minimizing conventional bullshit like medication, antibiotics, surgery, and all those moneymakers, and emphasizes nutrition and evaluation and eventual correction of underlying issues like hypothyroidism, candida overgrowth, etc., mostly through a diet that is “more alkaline, less acidic, cut out the bread, rice, pasta, and the sugar.” Five stars on the advice, which is more than sound; minuses come only from the commercial breaks retained from the broadcast and put into the podcast. If you’re really a health nut, you’ll compare notes between him and Dr. Hoffman. Which I have. If Dr. Hoffman ever started talking about body acidity/alkalinity as a cause of disease, I would have caught on to it a long time ago.

Things about the world that need to change now

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(In no particular order)

A attempt at codifying what needs to change about the world–
what needs to be objectively changed–without regard to ideology
or profitmaking, special interests, etc.

–We must live in quieter, less distracting environments. Our freedom of thought, and thus every other subsequent freedom–freedom of expression, freedom of self-determination–are imperiled. We cannot legislate that people be considerate of their neighbors, but we can legislate that apartments have to be a certain minimum size fit for human occupancy, and that all new apartments are made of noise-insulating materials–and old apartments will have to be retrofitted for this purpose as well. Noise comes through thin walls from pipes as well as neighbors; but if certain minimum construction standards regarding noise-attenuating materials were in place, people would be able to have a refuge where they could renew themselves and get along better in society. I shouldn’t have to hear when my neighbor is taking a shower or using their dishwasher–that’s not why I’m paying rent.
–Flouride must be removed from US Tap Water, the way it is not present in the Tap Water of most other countries, including Europe.
–GMOs must be banned. Failing that, there is no reason other than greed (and maybe guilt) why they cannot be labeled.
–Water must not be privatized anywhere on the globe. It is a human right, and thus a public obligation in its collection, cleanliness, and access.
–Terminator seeds must be prevented from being allowed.
–All farming MUST become ORGANIC farming. ALL pesticides are toxins, and all of them get sprayed on food, and thus ALL must be banned.
–All food additives (artificial sweeteners, excitotoxins, MSG, carcinogenic colors, ‘flavors,’ preservatives, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, etc.,) MUST BE COMPLETELY BANNED in all manifestations and names immediately.
–Parabens, pthalates and other substances (usually petrochemically based) found to be present in personal care items that are released into the body must be banned completely and immediately. These bans cannot be voluntary. No manufacturer truly wants to police himself. Enforcement of health should be done by a just government.
–And in order to ensure a just government, campaign finance reform is desperately needed. There ideally should be a ban on contributions from any organization, corporation, or lobbyist think tank. Contributions should be allowed only from private individuals, and they should be capped.
–The US must have nationalized, socialized medicine.
–The US, the richest country in the world, must provide affordable housing and/or free housing or subsidized housing for the blind, disabled, chronically ill, low-income seniors, etc. A particularly enlightened country would believe in artist housing as well.
–Cell phones need to be studied for their safety on humans. If they are found to be unsafe, they must be phased out of human use, except by emergency services personnel. Cities should have at least one public phone booth for every five downtown blocks.
–A similar evaluation needs to be made about the safety of WiFi signals.
–Every human being has a right to an 8 hour work day, with union representation and timely payment of wages (without having any part of their wages held as a “deposit”)–period. See the documentary “China Blue” on this or the PBS report “Independent Lens” about “China Blue.” Workers must be allowed adequate space and ventilation to work, as well as comfortable lunch and rest breaks.
–The US must end its practice of arresting recreational drug users and ruining their lives with prison terms.
–An enlightened society would make addiction services available to those who wanted them, but would not coerce any party to use them.
–The US must end its practice of denying persons who are convicted of felonies their right to vote.
–The US must end its socially condoned practice of denying former offenders the ability to get a meaningful job and stable apartment.
–Pharmaceutical companies should not be allowed to advertise directly to consumers–this is banned in other countries outside the US.
–Pharmaceutical companies should not be permitted to give any gifts to doctors.
–Pharmaceutical companies must be required by law to disclose all personnel relationships with the government, as well as any and all financial interests they expect to have from the approval of a given drug. A drug proposed for the approval process must demonstrate that it is significantly more safe and effective than another drug already on the market.
–The US must end its backwards, restrictive, and racist immigration laws.
–The US must provide free higher education for its citizenry, whether academic or vocational.

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