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October 7, 2007

Things about the world that need to change now

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(In no particular order)

A attempt at codifying what needs to change about the world–
what needs to be objectively changed–without regard to ideology
or profitmaking, special interests, etc.

–We must live in quieter, less distracting environments. Our freedom of thought, and thus every other subsequent freedom–freedom of expression, freedom of self-determination–are imperiled. We cannot legislate that people be considerate of their neighbors, but we can legislate that apartments have to be a certain minimum size fit for human occupancy, and that all new apartments are made of noise-insulating materials–and old apartments will have to be retrofitted for this purpose as well. Noise comes through thin walls from pipes as well as neighbors; but if certain minimum construction standards regarding noise-attenuating materials were in place, people would be able to have a refuge where they could renew themselves and get along better in society. I shouldn’t have to hear when my neighbor is taking a shower or using their dishwasher–that’s not why I’m paying rent.
–Flouride must be removed from US Tap Water, the way it is not present in the Tap Water of most other countries, including Europe.
–GMOs must be banned. Failing that, there is no reason other than greed (and maybe guilt) why they cannot be labeled.
–Water must not be privatized anywhere on the globe. It is a human right, and thus a public obligation in its collection, cleanliness, and access.
–Terminator seeds must be prevented from being allowed.
–All farming MUST become ORGANIC farming. ALL pesticides are toxins, and all of them get sprayed on food, and thus ALL must be banned.
–All food additives (artificial sweeteners, excitotoxins, MSG, carcinogenic colors, ‘flavors,’ preservatives, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, etc.,) MUST BE COMPLETELY BANNED in all manifestations and names immediately.
–Parabens, pthalates and other substances (usually petrochemically based) found to be present in personal care items that are released into the body must be banned completely and immediately. These bans cannot be voluntary. No manufacturer truly wants to police himself. Enforcement of health should be done by a just government.
–And in order to ensure a just government, campaign finance reform is desperately needed. There ideally should be a ban on contributions from any organization, corporation, or lobbyist think tank. Contributions should be allowed only from private individuals, and they should be capped.
–The US must have nationalized, socialized medicine.
–The US, the richest country in the world, must provide affordable housing and/or free housing or subsidized housing for the blind, disabled, chronically ill, low-income seniors, etc. A particularly enlightened country would believe in artist housing as well.
–Cell phones need to be studied for their safety on humans. If they are found to be unsafe, they must be phased out of human use, except by emergency services personnel. Cities should have at least one public phone booth for every five downtown blocks.
–A similar evaluation needs to be made about the safety of WiFi signals.
–Every human being has a right to an 8 hour work day, with union representation and timely payment of wages (without having any part of their wages held as a “deposit”)–period. See the documentary “China Blue” on this or the PBS report “Independent Lens” about “China Blue.” Workers must be allowed adequate space and ventilation to work, as well as comfortable lunch and rest breaks.
–The US must end its practice of arresting recreational drug users and ruining their lives with prison terms.
–An enlightened society would make addiction services available to those who wanted them, but would not coerce any party to use them.
–The US must end its practice of denying persons who are convicted of felonies their right to vote.
–The US must end its socially condoned practice of denying former offenders the ability to get a meaningful job and stable apartment.
–Pharmaceutical companies should not be allowed to advertise directly to consumers–this is banned in other countries outside the US.
–Pharmaceutical companies should not be permitted to give any gifts to doctors.
–Pharmaceutical companies must be required by law to disclose all personnel relationships with the government, as well as any and all financial interests they expect to have from the approval of a given drug. A drug proposed for the approval process must demonstrate that it is significantly more safe and effective than another drug already on the market.
–The US must end its backwards, restrictive, and racist immigration laws.
–The US must provide free higher education for its citizenry, whether academic or vocational.

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