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October 16, 2007

Highly recommended: from freedom to fascism

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Must see.
We are in a great age in the sense that, with the internet, trespasses against our freedom will not go unrecorded for long. Real freedom resists propaganda, and speaks to intelligence. Living with integrity can be difficult, but the alternatives are invariably worse.

**We must abolish the Federal Reserve.
**We must resist the National ID card.
**We must resist all applications of RFID in purchasables and IN HUMANS.
**We must continue to use CASH and avoid the implementation of a cashless economy.
**We must prevent the formation of a NORTH AMERICAN UNION.

There is a new world order coming. It runs on the old doctines of greed and control. It has nothing to do with security and prosperity for anyone but the few.

Watch Russo’s film, “America: From Freedom to Fascism.”
Watch “Money as Debt.”
Watch “The Money Masters.”

Do an internet search on all. Can watch/download from google video.

The Federal Reserve is about as governmental as Federal Express.
The Federal Reserve is a private corporation with no obligations to anyone but its elite owners.
The US Government could be out of debt and print its own money without interest, as authorized by the US Constitution.
Instead, our society runs on debt, so people are held hostage to credit card companies and to banking companies. Bankers finance wars, because they think there’s no better way to grow their money than perpetual, unending warfare.
Time is running out. Our money has no value. America is de-industrialized. In a global economic crisis, we will not be able to provide for ourselves.

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