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December 3, 2007

Painful Deceptions blows the lid right open on the Pentagon “attack”

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I highly recommend you all see “Painful Deceptions.” It outlines why a 757 could not have possibly hit the Pentagon. “Loose Change” and others have touched on this, but this film does a really convincing job outlining why it was likely a drone craft of some kind.

Among the points it raises for those of you too busy to watch (will update as I re-watch it):

–The amount of wreckage left behind on the lawn was just too little. Well, a drone, being carbon-fiber-based, would have much less wreckage, 2 tons or so compared to the approximately 60 tons that would have been created if a 757 had actually hit the Pentagon.

–The evidence of a crime scene was cleaned up a little too quickly–what’s the reason for such secrecy? Pieces were removed by hand, by people not dressed with work clothes, and not wearing gloves. A far cry from standard procedure, for sure…
–No one heard a plane coming. Drones/ global hawks are extremely quiet. A commercial plane going anywhere near the official story of 400 mph would have been hideously loud.

–A drone’s carbon-fiber construction makes it hard to notice on radar, hence why an approaching plane was not visible on radar, according to official explanations. Drones can also fly at 60,000 feet, above all commercial air traffic, and this too can make it difficult to see on radar.

— As many have pointed out, a 270-degree turn would have had to be executed, and the flight school teachers have admitted to the mainstream media that the inexperienced alleged terrorists just could not execute such a move. It’s challenging for experienced pilots. An unmanned or computer-controlled missile or done could do this, however.

–As is well known, the attack hit the side of the Pentagon with the fewest people on it, an area that had recently been renovated. As the film says, the Pentagon is an office building that can have up to 20,000 people in it–many, many more people could have been killed than actually were that day. Additionally, the hole (which does not have the wing impression of a 757 either) was the opposite side of the building from the offices of important personnel, such as Donald Rumsfeld, people alleged terrorists would presumably want to target. What are the odds? This begs the question, was the Pentagon trying to test out its fortifications? Does it have a missile defense system unknown to the public? Was it trying to test out this missile defense system, and that is why it could only release 5 frames of surveillance footage–perhaps to conceal the fact that it may have fired something defensively? Why was other footage from surrounding cameras confiscated?

–What were people carrying away under a tarp so quickly after the event? The lightweight aluminum frame of a global hawk? Again, the wreckage from a 757 could not be cleaned up so quickly.

–Did flight 77 land elsewhere? Film alleges it landed at a military base, and was replaced by a global hawk.

–Again, where are the passengers, crew, luggage, seats, etc., of flight 77, anything indicating that it was a regular commercial plane? All evidence was removed, again, from the crime scene too quickly (a felony), and all of it was too light to be anything but (so the film alleges) the shards of carbon fiber from a missile-pulverized global drone.


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