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December 5, 2007

Which candidates know anything about monetary policy?

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Here, Ron Paul makes several important points worth remembering:

–It is possible to eliminate the national debt. Not only that,but we can’t keep ignoring it and passing it on to future generations who will have to become work-slaves to debt their whole lives and have no retirement.

–We don’t need higher taxes to eliminate the national debt. Where are our taxes going? For illegal wars; to pay off cartels like the Federal Reserve, who own our debt and lord it over us; to the private subcontractors who are running this country and doing the services regulated government once did.

–The Federal Reserve creates debt by artificially pouring money into the money supply–also known as inflation. Inflation is what makes your money worth less in terms of purchasing power. Purchasing power, like it or not, is what drives our economy. But inflation also discourages saving, an, contrary to what you don’t hear anymore, saving is an important part of our economy, as well as an important tool for individual security.

–” Real conservatives have always supported low taxes and low spending.”–Yes, who we have in government are not Republicans–not that these labels matter, “Republican” or “Democrat”–the ones in power are all neo-conservatives with a very precise agenda to dominate the country and erode your liberties.

–Corporate welfare: no candidate I know of is even making this a topic on the table, other than Ron Paul. It is rampant and needs to end. If corporations love capitalism so much, they can sink or swim without taxpayer handouts, period.

–Even if you are not a libertarian, if you are not aware of the need for sound money policy, you really can’t know how to govern, how to implement social policies, how to know the impact of laws, how to distribute wealth, etc. Like the old saying, “follow the money.”


Debt and Taxes

Working Americans like lower taxes. So do I. Lower taxes benefit all of us, creating jobs and allowing us to make more decisions for ourselves about our lives.

Whether a tax cut reduces a single mother’s payroll taxes by $40 a month or allows a business owner to save thousands in capital gains taxes and hire more employees, that tax cut is a good thing. Lower taxes allow more spending, saving, and investing which helps the economy — that means all of us.

Real conservatives have always supported low taxes and low spending.

But today, too many politicians and lobbyists are spending America into ruin. We are nine trillion dollars in debt as a nation. Our mounting government debt endangers the financial future of our children and grandchildren. If we don’t cut spending now, higher taxes and economic disaster will be in their future — and yours.

In addition, the Federal Reserve, our central bank, fosters runaway debt by increasing the money supply — making each dollar in your pocket worth less. The Fed is a private bank run by unelected officials who are not required to be open or accountable to “we the people.”

Worse, our economy and our very independence as a nation is increasingly in the hands of foreign governments such as China and Saudi Arabia, because their central banks also finance our runaway spending.

We cannot continue to allow private banks, wasteful agencies, lobbyists, corporations on welfare, and governments collecting foreign aid to dictate the size of our ballooning budget. We need a new method to prioritize our spending. It’s called the Constitution of the United States.


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