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January 12, 2008

Compassionate Consumerism and Your Health

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I’ve been given permission to repost this. It’s a good example of how awareness of one’s habits can improve one’s health, one’s life, and the planet we all do ultimately share.
My Dear Friends,
Many of you know that I am becoming this crazy tree-hugging, whole organic/local foods eating, Wal-Mart Boycotting lady. Well, I have good reason for this. I know many people are unable to take the path I am on now due to finances, and honestly – I’m still in the beginning stages, due of course to money and the fact that it takes a while to change habits. However, everyone can do something. No matter how small a step you can take it’s a help. One of the biggest things you can do is take the no-cost / money-saving steps and pass the word to all those you know. Below are several links where I have learned a lot. I pass these on to you in hopes that you will find some knowledge that you can apply to your life and family. God gave us this wonderful earth – and we are completely abusing it. Big Business, the FDA and our own government has essentially brainwashed us into thinking that Man’s way is better than what God gave us. Please don’t get me wrong here – some of our “progress” has been good and helped many. At the same time it is killing us. Remember – the Big Business companies & Pharmaceutical companies first goal is to make money for the investors – not to help the public or promote health. In fact, if the Pharmaceutical companies actually treated the causes of these illnesses, promoted prevention, and cured many of these ailments, they would go out of business because we would be well!
Big Business is there to make money for their investors as well. So what do they have to do to continue making money? They have to introduce new products, make them cheap & disposable so we keep buying them (why do we need disposable mop pads like the swiffer wet jet stuff?? A good mop and a little elbow grease is just as clean and much easier on your pocketbook) and use cheaper materials and labor to widen that profit margin. Again, don’t get me wrong – making money is not the bad thing – it’s making money at the expense of the health and wellness of the general public I find horrifying. Think of it this way – how did you feel when you heard about the Melamine tainted pet food? How do you feel when you hear about children and infant toys on recall because of lead? Now the tires that come apart? The manufacturers are trying so hard to compete that our health and well-being comes in last. (though it is easier on the pocket book in the short-term, what are the long-term effects?)
As for the land fills – PBS had a show on a landfill in California. I was to the understanding that anything that is biodegradable would decompose in the land fills. WRONG – they pack it so tight that there is no oxygen to feed the process. I wonder what it would look like to bulldoze through the middle of a land fill…….it’s a very scary thought. And what will our Great-Grandchildren see?
So, what can we do about all this going on?? Well, there are a few things we can do.
1) Be in denial that anything is going on or just don’t believe that man is the cause of many of our problems today. Then continue on our normal path with no changes. – Leave it to God. (I do believe that God will care for us. Yet in turn we should care for what he give us.)
2) GET EDUCATED! Many people are very uneducated in some of the most crucial areas of our lives – health retention, prevention of disease, environment, and healthy home economics.
Take what actions you can when you can. Ask for paper bags and recycle them, watch your labels – look for Made In – America, Canada, UK, even Mexico – avoid China as much as possible. The Chinese have no care or concern for human life – they poison their own people. Beware of those doctors that are supposed to be making you well – they are only treating the symptoms – not the underlying cause. Now, I don’t necessarily blame the doctors – they were trained this way. KNOW YOUR STATE LAWS – if you don’t want to vaccinate your children – you don’t have to. You do need to know your laws though. And be ready and willing to do battle for your family. 
Our children are depending on us. What are they going to say in 25 or 30 years when they have poor health, no jobs, and a dump for a front yard?  We all have the ability to do something  now, be it small or large steps and teach them to care for what God has given us – the question is…….Do we have the will????
With Love,
Katie  (PS – please forgive me some of the length on links – I haven’t figured out how to make them short 🙂  )
Healthy Home Cleaners –  – Questions? Ask me – I just started with them.
Guide to Green & using The Big Green Purse –
Locate Recycling facilities in your area –
Plastic Bags Being Banned – The Intelligence Daily June 27, 2007
Great video on plastic bags –   – Video 
More info on plastic bags –
 Ecobags – 


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