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March 11, 2008

Is it the 21st century yet, or are we back in the times of petty bread & cricuses?

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Look, Spitzer isn’t perfect. Prostitution should be legalized anyway–as long as it’s a consensual, non-abusive transaction. It should be legalized because enforcement around prostitution is selective and often biased. Laws that are biased are unjust. Spitzer maybe didn’t cover his tracks, but were these WIRETAPS legal? That’s the question that’s getting very little media play, and it should worry all of us. Illegally procured evidence isn’t admissible, is it now? Or shall we just install the new camera-boxes in our new glass houses to make things easier on Big Bother?

see article & comments on alternet:

You know what should be illegal? Capitalism–exploiting another person to maximize your profit.

Selling tainted food should be a high crime and misdemeanor.

Approving chemicals for people to use as “Artificial sweeteners”  when they are deadly should be illegal. Millions have suffered numerous synergistic health effects from aspartame, sucralose, etc.

Downing two towers in 2001 to start a profiteering war should be illegal.

Intimidating small farmers and trying to genetically modify all food and cause food shortages should be illegal.

Prostitution is a venal sin compared to those. A trifle. These women weren’t living in FEMA trailers.


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