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March 11, 2008

Is it the 21st century yet, or are we back in the times of petty bread & cricuses?

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Look, Spitzer isn’t perfect. Prostitution should be legalized anyway–as long as it’s a consensual, non-abusive transaction. It should be legalized because enforcement around prostitution is selective and often biased. Laws that are biased are unjust. Spitzer maybe didn’t cover his tracks, but were these WIRETAPS legal? That’s the question that’s getting very little media play, and it should worry all of us. Illegally procured evidence isn’t admissible, is it now? Or shall we just install the new camera-boxes in our new glass houses to make things easier on Big Bother?

see article & comments on alternet:

You know what should be illegal? Capitalism–exploiting another person to maximize your profit.

Selling tainted food should be a high crime and misdemeanor.

Approving chemicals for people to use as “Artificial sweeteners”  when they are deadly should be illegal. Millions have suffered numerous synergistic health effects from aspartame, sucralose, etc.

Downing two towers in 2001 to start a profiteering war should be illegal.

Intimidating small farmers and trying to genetically modify all food and cause food shortages should be illegal.

Prostitution is a venal sin compared to those. A trifle. These women weren’t living in FEMA trailers.


February 4, 2008

We need a Super Tuesday strategy–a game plan

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OK–Listen up, New Yorkers. Clinton can’t win her home state. That would send a really bad message. She hasn’t been a great senator and, besides, we really don’t want her for President. Why don’t we want her for President? Three reasons out of many: 1) She is relying on people not to think about her policy proposals or her husband’s administration and just think of the fact that “she’s a woman” and we need a woman president–which is true, we should get a woman president soon, like in many other nations, but not one that (reason 2) continues a dynasty in the White House. I was brought up in a country where anyone could be president, there were no dynasties and no aristocracy or plutocracy where a select few took turns trading power among themselves.

Therefore, Obama needs an overwhelming show of support to beat out Clinton. A good show beating Clinton in her home state (as indicated on TV that day and with exit polls, etc.) will hopefully influence other states to push Clinton out as well, whereas a good showing by Clinton in her “home” state (uh, she ran for Senate in NY the first time saying publicly that she was not using it as a stepping-stone to presidency–how not manipulative at all) would not so tacitly endorse her to other states–it would send the message that New Yorkers think she’s done a “good job” as Senator and would make a good president, neither of which is true.

New York, Get Clinton Out of the Race!

New York, Vote Obama for the Primaries!

New York, Vote Ron Paul in the General Election!

Do not vote McCain–Giuliani endorsed McCain so he could try to get on McCain’s ticket later as his running mate. Keeping Giuliani out of the White House now means keeping McCain out. Sorry, McCain, politics is the bedfellows you keep.

My apologies to Ron Paul as well–but we need to get Clinton out on the democratic side first before we can really vote for Paul. A Clinton vs. Paul general election would be harder to fight than a Paul v. Obama election. Really, if we had more than a stupid two-party system, this “game plan” calculation wouldn’t be necessary. Ah, well, once they put in electronic voting machines everywhere, it will barely matter who anyone votes for, and campaign finance will be more of a joke than it is already. Paper ballots now! It’s a big country, yes, but do you really need to know by midnight who won? Are we in that much turmoil that power can’t transition calmly if it takes a couple of days?

I’d still love to see a Paul-Obama ticket, or a Paul-Kucinich ticket.

Suggestions for this game plan? Make a comment.

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