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October 26, 2007

if anyone doubts that 9/11 was an inside job

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Something I would like to have answered:

Why were people in the two towers told to stay in their offices, to not evacuate?

This is the most tragic part of the tragic day of all. There simply would not have been as many deaths, and therefore the day of 9/11/2001 would not have been as easily manipulated as it since has been.

Buildings of solid steel construction just don’t collapse because an airplane hits them. They don’t just collapse because of fire. They don’t just collapse because of airplanes and fires.

But, psychologically, a terrorist attack causing two massive buildings to go down is much more memorable–and manipulable–than the image of planes causing them to burn.

Perhaps in a conventional fire situation it would have been wiser not to cause pandemonium by allowing everyone to evacuate.

But the workers in both towers were fully drilled on how to evacuate, and had gone through a few “practices” before that horrible date. Of all days to evacuate, why were they not allowed to evacuate?

No one at the time thought the towers were going to collapse, let alone so quickly after impact–and, as it conveniently turns out, the towers went down so fast most firefighters couldn’t investigate what the real extent of the damage was. Thus, the firefighters thought they were just fighting a fire, for which it might be good to prevent innocent people from getting in the way and getting burned. If they had known there was even a potential collapse situation, they

We must not ever be paralyzed by our grief.

This is recent history, not ancient history, and it will affect us for a long time to come unless we are finally honest and wanting to start a real investigation.

What was going on in each tower with blackouts and computer outages and shady construction in the elevator shafts in the weeks before Sept. 11, as reported by office workers there? Possibly the planting of explosives?

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